Friday, May 26, 2017

All is in the mist..

so quiet and apart..
standing alone covered by the mist of a morning..
years go goes in a never-ending ride on a roller-coaster... 
numbness takes over..
you don't want to feel pain so you cover yourself with life without feelings..

like a mist..all is in the same tone and your past is somewhere behind, covered, faded, blurred..
you wonder..maybe that pain was better..made you feel alive..gave you little heart bits..

maybe not..

but what now..
all is in the same tone..
all is just covering your present with the soft neutral tones ...
fear takes over..and you are in the middle..
afraid to look back..afraid to step forward...
trapped in the abyss of nothingness..
with not clear view of horizon..

you can't ignore that feeling inside..
you know you survived..
you know the pain is almost all gone..
you know that now you need someone to share your victory with..

but ..all is in the same tone..
all is in the mist..
and you don't see the horizon..
you are lost.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Carry me awry...

The sun is old on water
Yearling flakes keep whirling by
"Carry me awry"

Collapsing breaths discover
Turning hope, new-boarded highs
Receding howls dew the skies

Closing eyes recover
Amber light in wintry bed
"Can you pull me under the cold, charred sea?"

Whispered words of summer
Fallen ode, a bawling bless,
Serenades the water and carries me anew.

In softest air, a stutter
steers the heart away from the bane,
leaves the lasting sorrow and carries me anew.

by Ólafur Arnalds

We said goodbye

hello my love

it's getting cold on this island
i'm sad alone
i'm so sad on my own
the truth is
that we were much too young
and now I'm looking for you
or anyone like you

we said goodbye
with a smile on our faces
now you're alone
you're so sad on your own
the truth is
that we run out of time
and now youre looking for me
or anyone like me...

lyrics: Koop - Koop Island Blues

Friday, April 14, 2017

So far ...

So far from who I was
From who I love
From who I want to be

So far from all our dreams

From what love means
From you here next to me

So far from seeing hope
I stand out here alone
Am I asking for too much?

So far from being free
Of the past that's haunting me
The future I just can't touch

And if you take my hand
Please pull me from the dark
And show me hope again

We'll run side by side
No secrets left to hide
Sheltered from the pain